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Microsoft 365 applications

Do you already have Microsoft 365 in your company or are you thinking about buying one? Our app will expand current possibilities of the Microsoft 365 and make other areas of your business work easier. We develop applications built on the services you find in Microsoft 365. Thus our applications do not age and have a solid foundation that uses everything you are used to usein in Microsoft 365 every day.

We put applications together based on costomers requirements and we also draw on our knowledge gained from many years of experience. That’s why we have already developed many applications that facilitate, simplify and speed up cooperation – especially administrative tasks – and bring order into organizations. So take a look if any of our applications wouldn’t be useful for you too.

Our applications

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Apply for time off within the company, easily and quickly. An application that we will adapt to your holiday approval process.

Approvals / Back Office

Give your employees the opportunity to offer used or unpacked products. Thanks to the Bazar application your employees can sell any goods to colleagues in the company.

For all companies

”Contacts” allows you to find the necessary contact information for your colleagues. Using department and position filters will get you numbers and others needed to catch the person you need to contact by phone or email.

For all companies

With the HelpDesk application you’ll be able to assign specific requirements to your employees more easily and quickly. In the app you’ll find current status of the solution and intuitively all the requirements.

For all companies

Through this app you can book a corporate parking place comfortably. Keep track of available spots for your car and stay calm about parking at all.

Back Office

Say goodbye to lost and confusing meeting minutes. Get this app to create your meeting minutes easily and effectively with all informations you need.

For all companies

Hiring an employee involves demanding administration which will be facilitated by our app. You’ll take control of the employee’s adaptation process and new employee will find out what to do and how to adapt to his position in the first days.

Approvals / Human Resources

This Documentation controlling application allows the company to have a detailed overview of valid docs. and the people who should get to know them.

Application used to approve internal documents in your company. Suitable for employees in charge of that stuff and also managers who want to have control over the approval status of all things related to their department.


Make internal order approval easier. TWith our application will be entering, approving, editing and archiving internal easy and ‘user-friendly’.


Food ordering application will allow your employees to order meals clearly and easily for upcoming weeks – this app is now set up for up to 5 lunch variations.

For all companies

Don’t look for bills, don’t blame the lost. Thanks to the Receipt app, you’ll have all your bills in one place. You can upload your receipts to the application by taking a picture with your mobile phone.

For all companies

The Cashier application allows you to easily enter income and expenses, automatically generates income and expense document numbers and creates a cash book that provides you with an overview of all entered transactions and the current state of cash.

Back Office

Records of received and sent mail is a useful application for every company. Keep paper books for mail registration in a drawer. Electronic mail registration will save valuable time and you will have everything in one place.

Back Office

Servisní procesy na jednom místě, zrychlení a zefektivnění servisních služeb, evidence všech důležitých informací, možnost zadávání dat z telefonu či tabletu pro servisní techniky v terénu….

With the vehicle registration application you will have all legal obligations and technical conditions of vehicles in order. In addition, the application allows you to register the transported tools and check the responsibility of technicians.

Back Office

In the center of the Personnel Agency application stands your candidates, around whom everything revolves. Thanks to the application for recruitment and employment agencies, you will have an overview of candidates and vacancies.

Human Resources