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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 for companies

Functional and fast information technologies are the ‘‘backbone‘‘ of almost each kind of business today. Employees rely on the functionality and speed of the information background and with the development of teleworking, they expect a simple and secure connection with their company.

The Microsoft 365 cloud service provides not a functional and fast environment for every business only, but also security for your files, space for fast communication and real-time collaboration.

Microsoft 365 is your online office that you always have with you wherever you are. With the services that are included in each Microsoft 365 package, you get a compact, intuitive, and fast surroundings for your employees which will make your business up to date with IT developments.


Advantages of Microsoft 365

You're capable to work from anywhere, anytime, whether you're connected to the internet or not.

Install all Office programs on up to 5 devices and keep them up to date. You'll never have to deal with updates again.

For all the important business files you need to keep safe - just use 1 TB of storage on OneDrive.

Edit, share and work with your colleagues in real time. No matter where you are or where your colleagues are.

Speed up inner communication in your company with instant messaging, calls or video calls, and screen sharing.

Get an ambience where are your files safe and you have your employees' access rights under control.

With Microsoft 365, you'll fulfill requirements of the GDPR.

Your partner for Microsoft 365

Digital transformation is a complex process. Each company has different requirements, the way thay work, priorities and free resources. All these points have to be taken into account in the process of implementation. And that’s why is our attitude always individual and we’ll focus on every little thing and part of it all. We know that correctly set IT is a key for companies today.

We are a team of experienced professionals. And that allow us to achieve everything what’s needed for the implementation, correct setup and subsequent use of the entire Microsoft 365 environment. We do not end with the implementation of M365 – we talk to our customers, we listen to them and we work with them to set up an environment that meets their business and needs.

We are constantly learning and improving ourselves in the M365 zone, informing customers about important news, writing current articles in the Czech language, training, shooting online video courses, writing E-books, creating applications, data transfer, providing support and much more. We are a golden partner of Microsoft. For over 20 years in IT sphere and on Microsoft 365 cloud solution work for more than 6 years.

We’re not a typical Microsoft 365 partner. We’re an experienced group of people providing comprehensive services.

We take you into the cloud world – the world of work literally wherever you are – where every interaction is fast, every process is fully automated and paperless.

Microsoft 365 license with up to 300 users

Each Microsoft 365 license includes an appropriate set of apps. Licenses can be combined in various ways. Therefore isn't always necessary to buy another full license for each employee. If you're not sure about choosing licenses, do not rush. It will be our pleasure to help you create the right license plan for your business - free of charge.

Choose the right Microsoft 365 licences for your company:

  • OneDrive and SharePoint
  • MS Teams for companies
  • Exchange
  • Outlook
  • Office online
  • Office desktop

Microsoft 365

Business Basic

Microsoft 365

Business Standard

Microsoft 365

Business Premium

Our Microsoft 365 E-Books

We write understandable E-Books which contain many screenshots, useful advices and guide you step by step through the setup of the app from the M365 family you chose. You can find all our e-books in our e-shop